Coastal Weddings

The question I often get asked is .......

Are outdoor weddings difficult to plan?

My obvious response, is with the right planner of course not! With the right budget its fun, if you are prepared to face the elements, then your day will be amazing.

However for guests it often can be an issue, and being by the coast can offer further issues, that a field in the Cotswolds may not face.

You need to consider a long list of things...

Will your guest travel?

Will they find accommodation or will you be expected to do this?

What if it rains?

What if its torrential rain?

What about the wind?

What about the food?

Are there toilets?

Is there electricity?

The list goes on.

Often the beauty of the venue, the location, the situation and the view, are enough for couples to decide its worth it, and to advise guests in advance to wear flat shoes, bring flipflops, have wellies, wear layers. (Many may add ignore this advice.)

I love a wedding in a field, on a clifftop, I myself have been stood for an hour holding a marquee down, with three other adults whilst awaiting for the company to return, have had a runaway seagull steal pasties and of course the inevitable lost drunk best-man.

Every wedding has its challenges, my advise as long as you have a good planner, heed their advise with choice of trusted and tested suppliers and also listen to them, as most will have experienced, a vast array of challenges, you will not have concidered.

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